Freedom Of Thought

Note:  Originally posted on January 8th, 2008.

It is my opinion that the first amendment of the US constitution needs to be changed. Remove the “Freedom of Religion”, and replace it with “Freedom of Thought”. Religion is a type of thought.


2 Comments on “Freedom Of Thought”

  1. anon says:

    Surely most religion is a type of not-thought?
    Okay, there’s a growing number of what I call “modern spiritualists” who think about their current religion and decide to go and think about other religions and decide on which religion they want, based on actual thought, but they are surely by far in the minority when compared to the “The Religion says this and I will do as The Religion says because The Religion says I have to and The Religion is right because The Religon says it is right and it’s probably best that I don’t think too hard about that either…” types.

    Probably inflamatory, but you looked like you could do with the commentage.

  2. havvy says:

    It’s still thought in that people have to process the information of what is being said, and choose to believe it or not. Those who follow religion blindly aren’t giving it *much* thought, but still give it some minor thought.

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