Pornography Laws

Anybody who knows anything about porn on the internet knows that almost every page says “You must be 18 or older to enter this page. If you are not, please exit.” or something similar to that.

The politicians have made it illegal for people under the age of eighteen to look at pornography a long time ago. I see this law and think, WTF? The government should not be make content illegal for one set of people while making it perfectly legal for others. I want that law changed. Let parents decide if they want their children looking at pornography.

I have a solution to my problem though. Instead of having that page be a 18 & older check, make the law say you may not show pornography to a person without their consent.

What would be the consequences? Every active porn site would (should) change that eighteen or older page to a “Warning, the page(s) you are about to see contain pornography. Do you wish to continue?” page. This gets rid of one exception in the law, and lets parents be the ultimate judge on pornography for children. Still, children are going to visit without their parent’s consent. The law isn’t suppose to stop people who want to. Only those who don’t.


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