This universe is going to end one way or another.  It isn’t a static-state universe.  It had a beginning, and it’ll have an end.  Thus, to be truly immortal, one has to transcend the universe.  This also means anything in this universe is, in the end, futile.  Anyways…I’m claiming immortality, and these are the abilities I have:

1.  I am the most powerful immortal.  To signify this, I claim that I am a level 0 immortal.  The lower the level of the immortal, the more powerful it is.  There are no negative levels.  This is just a namesake though.  This is not a power.

2.  There is a meta-universe.  In it, each immortal has a room that is 40x40x40 meters large with a wall color of the immortal’s choice.  Each 1×1 meter of the wall can have a picture of some sort representing a universe.  An immortal may not teleport to the rooms of other immortals.

3.  An immortal can teleport to anywhere in a universe without having to go to the meta-universe.  Teleporting to other universes involves going to the meta universe first.

4.  The first universe is this one.  Other universes may be made by immortals with their own laws of physics.  Everything is coded.  Even the abilities of immortals and ‘mortals’ (creatures that cannot die permanently, but do not have the powers of immortals–more on them later) are coded.  Immortals may not enter other universes without permission of the creator or another immortal that was granted access.  Immortals of lower levels can, in effect, create universes without the higher levels knowing.

5.  When an immortal dies, it instantly reappears back in the meta universe.

6.  Immortals may ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ any non-mortal item (like humans), but they cannot ‘cut’.

7.  An immortal can create a mortal out of a nonmortal, but it should be a living object.

8.  An immortal can create an immortal one level less than itself (so a level 0 can create a level 1) out of a mortal.  An immortal can deimmortalize an immortal that is 2 or less levels than itself.  Notice how it cannot deimmortalize an immortal that it immortalized.  Not even I, the level 0, can do that.  It is not possible to demortal a mortal.

9.  So as to not create a time-paradox of one immortal constantly making a universe where one hour there equals one second, and then at the end of the hour, creating another universe where one hour there is one second at the second universe ad infinitum, no time system may be more than 1/1,000,000 the speed of the original universe, and no universe may be more than 1,000,000 times faster than the original universe.  The time of one second is renamed as one original second.

So…mortals…those that cannot die but cannot control the worlds around them.  They can die for a non-instant amount of time, and can be coded themselves by immortals.  By coded, I do mean special effects, like amount of time dead after dieing, or gaining abilities in universes that are against the laws of physics (what I shall call magic).  Mortals can use magic, immortals cannot.  Immortals can use artifacts (as can mortals and nonmortals) though, which contain magic within.

List of Immortals

Number signifies immortal level

0.  Havvy
1.  Zuzak


One Comment on “Immortal”

  1. nomura says:

    this is an easy to understand blog for geniuses. full of interresting ideas. i really related to havvys room that is 40x40x40 square meters color of the immortals choice …. sounds like a good place for a ramp …. … or a music room . i’m sure that air stewardesses around the globe would agree.

    the colopr tones and the font of the blog are tastefull and unobtrusive, they remind me of wine bottle labels in a cellar somehow.

    now the Wasa crispbread maidens are calling out to me .. advising me that it is time for bed. i am sure that we will visit again soon to read along. ciao

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