Universe: The Sea Caverns

This is an expansion of the immortality post, and going into details.  The universe I will describe has been changing over time, going from a simple universe to a complex one.  If it wasn’t for the story behind the universe, I probably wouldn’t be writing it.

Back in the end of January, I created the idea of immortality.  At the time, it was a bit more complex than I wrote in the other blog post, but the simplified version is stronger.

It started with my taking an extended bath…and going through the new fantasy in my head.  What possible universes could I make?  Well, being in the hot water, but the air above me being cold, I started to wish the air was warmer, and thought about where both water and air would be warm.  I thought of a beach.  Then I thought, why not a warm ocean?  Oh right, can’t stand in those…unless the ocean is only 2 feet tall, and there is a flat sand land below it.  Thus it was created.

The first version of the universe was an infinite expanse of water at two feet deep with a layer of infinite sand below it, a sun in the sky (without clouds or evaporation), and nothing else.  A purely relaxing area to escape from the craziness of the other universes.

About a week later, I took yet another relaxing bath.  I went back to the universe in my mind, a nice escape, but found that it was somewhat boring.  I decided to add yet another dimension to it.  The sand, being movable, would be constructive.  You can build things out of it.  But not just any old thing can be made out of it.  As long as the angle of the sand is below 45 degrees, or otherwise follows the laws of gravity, an inch of water would cover it.  This means that anything that was to be dry needed the angle of elevation to be 46 degrees or more.  On one hand, it makes building normal things harder, unless you have a base, but on the other, it made the usage of water in the design much more useful, as waterfalls would be easier to make.

While not much more complicated, it did add a layer to it that was extremely useful.  The world being moldable means that new things can be built using the imagination.  If you can think of something useful under the conditions, feel free to describe them in the comments.  I might make a map of what is built one day.

So, a month passes, and I don’t touch the idea.  In fact, I sort of forgot about it….until I hit a dream.  In it, for some reason, I was immortal, and wished to become a mermaid.  I decided that the best place to go was to the beach type universe.  I go there, and make a radical transformation.  The sand becomes only 10 feet deep.  Underneath that is rocky caves.  The rocks change colors gradually (over many miles) as you explore, and the water is perfectly clear.   How does one get to it from the surface?  While teleporting could work, it would not for the average creature living there, if I ever decide to let any in.  Also, auto-teleporting from air to water would be kind of deadly.  Teleporting doesn’t cause any bodily transformations.  So, instead, at strategic locations in the overworld, there are pits that turn into caverns.  Near each pit is a ‘dock’ type area, an 8ft by 8ft square that is 4 inches over the ocean.  It is a place for storing whatever a human can wear, but not a mermaid.  Seem confused?

While going through the pit, you turn from humanoid to mermaid (granted you are a humanoid).  While staying on the dock for a minute, or some other non-water surface, any mermaid turns into a humanoid figure.  Humanoids cannot breath water, but can air.  Mermaids can breath both.  I could have made it so that mermaids change to humans in the pit going from underworld caverns to overworld beach, but that could lead to a few accidental deaths (which cause immediate teleportation to the immortal’s room, or to the ‘center’ of the universe for mortals.  Nonmortals would flat out die.  These are things to avoid, so being on land in air is a good de-transform rule.

Earlier, I said that the water was clear.  This may confuse a few people who are use to water being somewhat bluish, just like oxygen is.  In truth, oxygen is blue [/rl fact].  I’m using that as the reason that water looks blue.  It is capturing the blueness of the oxygen.  So, what happens when there is no oxygen?  Well, water would look invisible.  It wouldn’t feel that way (the pressures of the system as a mermaid do not exist, FYI), as you can still feel water streams.  You just wouldn’t see them, much the same way as flying in the air.  It looks like you fly on nothing, but actually, there is this gas.

Thus, the simple world goes complicated.  Not too complicated that it is impossible to remember, but more more complicated.  There is actually one more complication added to it.  This is for immortals only.  Immortals are allowed to change the geography of the beach so that it is not flat.  Caverns would bend with it, but may need to be reshaped to allow passage way.  It is useful to change both the cavern structure and the geography at the same time.

What benefit might this allow, other than making a truly flat land not flat?  Well, what about the reverse of a waterfall?  An ‘air-up’.  First create a pit going downwards, acting as a pipe for the air.  Have it go down, and then slowly turn at the lowest point of the ‘air-up’.  Once it is vertical, have it connect with another cavern.  At the top, have a hole for the air to escape from, probably best to have it look like a lake.  Make a non-visible barrier of travel in it so as to not be mistaken for a really big pit to travel between worlds.  Use some sort of force to get oxygen to start flowing through the pipe (at this point, it’ll probably be filled with water), and once it is flowing from that force, it will not stop unless the source is cut off.  The initial force should funnel it, as it will get a lot smaller the lower it goes.  Pressures still exist for non-mermaids.  Once it is going though, turn into a mermaid, and look at it.  You’ll notice that as it gets higher, it will get faster from the force of air getting bigger pushing it up in a quadratic fashion (though not neccesarily x^2, but something like ax^2+bx+c).  It will also be bluish due to the color of oxygen in the universe.  It can be very romantic, especially if you surround it with phosphorous!  Be careful though, the force of oxygen rushing like that ought to be strong, and even though it is a gas, it would be able to cause damage.


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