Why, oh why, is everybody bashing anonymity on the web?  It is *not* a bad thing.  Indeed, it is quite the opposite.  Such anonymity allows for a person to drop their weaknesses in strength, and show their strengths in intelligence.  What is beauty and muscle on the web?  It is definitely not what you see in the real world.  Society differs online because of this.  Because of these changes, which includes more people being more critical of others, people claim that it is ‘wrong’.  It is not wrong.  It is merely different.  The most prominent change is anonymity.

You have no clue who a certain person is.  You only know what data is given to you, which is very little for those who cannot grasp the concepts of the internet, but an extremely high amount for those that can.  Spotting patterns and whatnot is completely different.  It becomes rational.  While humans are not rational, we are highly adaptable, and if rationality is needed, that is what we will use.  But then, once found, nobody wishes to live without it.  Only those that take a taste of it or ignore it altogether will claim otherwise.

I know you by what you do.  You know me by what I do.  Looks never enter the picture.  Wealth means only a little.  Business ventures are not frowned upon as crazy.  People wish to see what you make.  Openness through the ultimate security of not showing anything you do not wish to leads to prosperity to all parties.


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