Escaping Slavery & Playing to The Gods

This is a recollection of a DnD game session.  It was the initial one with the characters we were using.

I am using a Half-Fey Human Sorcerer level 3.  The ECL is 5.  The other player is a Centaur Ranger 5 who was affected by a Polymorph spell so as that he does not have a tail, but does have wings that work.  Half-Fey also get the ability to Fly, and they can use Charm Person at Will.

The story starts out as I am in a forest clearing, camping with the little supplies I have on me.  Heck, I didn’t write any down on my character sheet.  I didn’t write any weapons or armor either, but I am a spellcaster.  I don’t need those.  I did take sudden silent and sudden still though.  Thanks Miniatures handbook.  While camping, fifteen men surrounded me, and forced me to take them to the centaurs.  On the way to the main force, I stumbled upon the flying one that is my friend.  He was captured, after a fight, but during the fight, I managed to use Charm Person on one of my captives, leading to his death after he tried to free me.

We were taken to the nearest slave market and sold…me for a few 100 gold pieces, and the flying centaur for a few thousand ( looks like a Pegasus).  The centaur made a deal to go back to the men and receive a cut in the sale.  I had to (in a ship) cast Summon Monster 1 to get a dire rat, scream “Monster”, daze the person at the door, climb up the ladder, cast daze on the guy trying to stop me, and fly away, getting one critical attack (from a bow) at me doing four points damage.  I flew back to the Centaurs, but while I did so, I saw the Centaur with the men, and flew past them.

That night, the Centaur tried to steal a bag of holding, and when another wild man saw this, he killed the man the Centaur tired to steal from, and the Centaur took the bag.  He removed everything in it, and spread it among the men, kept the bag, and flew off towards town.  We both made it to the Centaurs at almost the same time.  He made it a few minutes before me.  His fly speed is 80, and mine is 60.  I questioned how he got there, and we then talked to the Centaur Elders.  They sent us on a quest to talk to some people in a town where some of the residents are cows with human faces.  They sent us, through Portal, to the main town of Lundonmere.  There, some Centaurs at an outside camp told us their divine magic wasn’t working anymore.  We paid no heed to that, and went to a bar in town for Centaurs.

As I entered, I used charm person on the barkeep, and he gave us free wine.  Then, we used our Perform skills.  I started with a dance, and got a total of 30.  The Centaur did a dance of 28.  People gave us gold, which I gave to the barkeep, to pay for my usage of magic on him.  Two drarves came up to me asking if they would like me to go back to their city, but I decided that I would play a racist half-hey human.  I said to them:

“Ah, well, uhh… hhmmm… How do I say this?  Oh right.  I don’t like your kind.”  I then explained why I was racist.

“When I was young, drarves raided my home town, killed my parents, and looted the town.”  One of the drawfs said that they were an anomaly and that there are not any like that at the town they wished we played at.  They gave me a platinum piece in any case.  They left us alone after that.

Next to visit was an Outsider who was watching from afar by accident.  S/he (?) took us to the Demiplane of his/her (?) Goddess, and we played for them.  I learned, though inquisitiveness, that the God of the Centaurs was kidnapped by another one, and that is why he cannot give his divine magic to them.  We were then taken back to 1 second later in the same place we teleported away, but we had gained a golden Torc (a necklace) each, and a magical instrument.  I got drums, along with 9 free ranks in Perform (Drums).  I do not recall what the centaur got.

The reason we even went to the town in Lundonmere was to escort a princess lioness to Nyan.

I just wish to say:  Flying is awesome.  Charm Person is awesome.  Daze is awesome.  Two more levels, and I get Suggestion 1/day.  That’ll be fun.


0 level:  Ray of Frost/Daze/Ghost Sound/Arcane Mark/Mending
1 level:  Spider Climb/Ray of Enfeeblement/Summon Monster I
Fey Magic:  Charm Person (At Will)/Hypnotism (1/day)/Glitterdust (1/day)/Detect Law (3/day)/Sleep (1/day)


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