heartless IRC Bot

I’m creating an IRC bot using Nodejs called heartless. Starting from scratch (a.k.a. Nodejs documentation & the IRC spec), I’m building up to a multifunctional bot. Today I made it so that the trigger character can be changed using a noconflict command. This is not a feature I’ve seen in any bot, and it wasn’t too difficult.

I also tried to do an auto-auth based on identified & seen in glist, but glist only works for oneself. I might still make it auto-auth on identified nick though…and add a command sequence for announcing groups. Probably ‘group nick1’ as nick2 and ‘group nick2’ as nick1. It’ll be a password-less system, but also slightly insecure to nick thieves if somebody lets their nick expire…

Also, I took my last data structures project and ported it into the bot. Right now it just does the ‘sammich’ command, but in the future it will do more.


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