Filter Bubble Experiment: Googling “Stream”

All of my google searches over the past years have been saved.  All 10,293 of them. So, I decided to see what happens when I search for the word Stream.  Stream has many definitions these days, from the watery passageway to the video content delivery system to a programming data structure.  I wanted to see how the filter bubble affected my search results.  So here are the first ten results I got:

  1. – A call center organization. No clue why this would be first, other than the URL.
  2. – Wikipedia’s page on the waterway stream.
  3. – Public energy company for the Southwest. Completely irrelevant to me.
  4. – Streaming media site.
  5. – Memory testing benchmark.
  6. – Gaming store. More relevant than the above five…
  7. – Documentation for a built-in for the CLR. Not a platform I use, but hey, it’s one of the first things I would think of when I think of stream.
  8. – An initiative or something…their description is vague.
  9. – Another media streaming site.
  10. – Another media streaming site.

Of these results, only two of them have any relevancy to me, and one of them is a typo of stream.  If I’m living in a filter bubble, the filter is not doing a good job keeping irrelevant stuff out, like businesses that I don’t care about.


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