Mibbit CSS

Seeing that in the Mibbit client, the whois box is not easy to modify in prefs, I created the following stylesheet.  To use it, you need the extension known as Stylish.

@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

@-moz-document domain(“mibbit.net”),@-moz-document domain(“mibbit.com”) {

.whoisdiv, .whoisdiv>div, .whoistop {

/* Makes whois box container smaller */
border-top: none !important;
padding: 0px !important;

.whoistable {

/* I like #ccccff use whatever you want.  */
background:#ccccff !important;

.whoistop {

/* color of the “Whois nick” line */
color: #8888aa !important;

.whoistable tbody tr td table tbody tr :first-child{

/* color is a darker version of #ccccff.  Color for the text saying what each field is.
color: #555588 !important;



Mibbit, Web-IRC Client

IRC is a protocol like HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and it stands for Internet Relay Chat.  It too uses URLs including using registered domain names (such as irc://irc.mozilla.org where mozilla.org is registered) but the hierchy of folders does not exist, and instead, you have channels that can be used dynamically or you can register them for your own use.  For more information on IRC, I suggest the great site http://irchelp.org/ .

Traditionally, most clients are based on the OS-Stack, or Java, and very basic flash clients.  This means that your IRC client only works on one OS, or you have to download extra programs on each computer you go to so that you can use IRC.  Back in the beginning of the year, a new IRC client came onto the market, and this one used an open stack of technology that you can use on most OSes.  As long as you can access a browser with HTML & Javascript capabilities, it works.

Registering is optional, and if you do, you have access to many other features that guests can’t have, like changing preferences if you don’t like a default part of the client.  If you want to have the client on your website, you can have an Iframe link to a widget version of the client, and your users won’t need flash or java to chat, making it really useful for all.

Unfortunately, since it is a web client, it only sends one IP to each server.  This is fixed though, by using the WebIRC protocol which allows clients you trust to send an IP that isn’t what they actually are, so that Mibbit can show the real IP that is connecting to the server.

If this interests you, why don’t you visit http://mibbit.com today and try it yourself.  I’m in irc://irc.mibbit.com/help among many others.