Why, oh why, is everybody bashing anonymity on the web?  It is *not* a bad thing.  Indeed, it is quite the opposite.  Such anonymity allows for a person to drop their weaknesses in strength, and show their strengths in intelligence.  What is beauty and muscle on the web?  It is definitely not what you see in the real world.  Society differs online because of this.  Because of these changes, which includes more people being more critical of others, people claim that it is ‘wrong’.  It is not wrong.  It is merely different.  The most prominent change is anonymity.

You have no clue who a certain person is.  You only know what data is given to you, which is very little for those who cannot grasp the concepts of the internet, but an extremely high amount for those that can.  Spotting patterns and whatnot is completely different.  It becomes rational.  While humans are not rational, we are highly adaptable, and if rationality is needed, that is what we will use.  But then, once found, nobody wishes to live without it.  Only those that take a taste of it or ignore it altogether will claim otherwise.

I know you by what you do.  You know me by what I do.  Looks never enter the picture.  Wealth means only a little.  Business ventures are not frowned upon as crazy.  People wish to see what you make.  Openness through the ultimate security of not showing anything you do not wish to leads to prosperity to all parties.


A Dream

Two nights ago, I had a hugely vivid dream!  In fact, I remember most of it to this minute!  Oddly enough, this is the first time in a dream where I am in third person, and it looked like a movie.  Also, the ending coincided perfectly with my alarm clock.

First off, the main character.  It was a man in his later thirties or lesser forties.  He had a thick brown beard, and wore an orange jump suit, the jump suit signifying his rank as one of the poorest members of the society.  While he could move anywhere he wanted outside, he was limited to only the most public areas of the inside of buildings.  What his job was, I cannot say from a true dream standpoint, but I’m going to assume that he worked as one who would clean up the huge puddles that came after it rained.  Why?  Well, it coincides with his flash of inspiration.

The city the main character lived in was not built by the society that lived in it.  The city survived for at least a thousand of years without going into disrepair, minus the huge puddles of water that would show up after it rained.  Other than that, the city maintained itself in ways that neither I, nor the inhabitants of the city know.  It was built by a prior civilization that was more intelligent, but mysteriously died out.

The city is divided into three main types of areas.  There are the skyscraper areas, where buildings anywhere from 10 to 20 stories resided.  These too, were outside of grasp of the civilization that lived there.  They were built by the prior civilization, and although being short compared to modern skyscrapers, had a very modern look to them.  Then there was the plazas.  These areas are heavy in terracotta colors.  Pillars, a ceiling (without walls) two stories high, and small shops littered the area.  These areas took up the area that streets would.  The plaza areas would be as wide as the width of football fields, and be proportionally as long as a hallway.  Either skyscrapers or industrial areas would be next to the ends of these plaza areas.  Plaza areas were also the only area where there were characters that were not pertinent to the story.  From this, I assume that most people live in the plaza area, possibly in their shops.  Most people were not wearing orange jumpsuits, but instead had their own styles.  They most probably had more freedoms then the main character, but I don\’t see them being able to enter skyscrapers easily.  The third area was an industrial area.  It is an ugly area, and it takes up most of the space.  Most of it is paved white, and this is where the huge puddles of water form.  The plaza is immune from it for some reason.  Buildings are far apart, and are all factory style.

Now with the background out of way, the story is next.  The story is actually sort of shallow, while at the same time being deep.  The main character believes there is a flood imminent, one that comes every 1000 years exactly, and destroys everything except for the city that is below the 15th story of the skyscrapers.  He has even got it down to the minute.  It is two hours away.  As such, he is contemplating what to do in one of the industrial sectors of the city.  He knows that there is not enough time to explain the research he did, and even if he did, he would be laughed out, mainly due to his rank.  See, those with his rank aren\’t suppose to be intelligent.  It\’s a cruel class based system keeping him down, literally!

While contemplating what to do, he formulates a plan.  Ten minutes before the flood comes, he\’ll impersonate a random high ranking person.  See, even though only the top classes get access to the higher levels of the skyscrapers, there is still too many for them to know everybody.  He has little time, so he hurries to a skyscraper.  This has him going through the plaza, and seeing the walking dead.  He makes it to a skyscraper with exactly 15 floors with only twenty minutes.  He changes his outfit to one that a higher class person would wear during the first few minutes, and then takes the elevator up to the 15th floor.  He didn’t get caught during the most dangerous part, but it appears that he accidentally walked onto a board meeting while on the fifteenth floor.  They call security, and security (two strong guys in black suits) finds that the main character is an impersonator.  Seeing that his rank is below the prison system even, they just walk him down to the plaza, and leave him there.  The whole time, the main character is arguing that what they are doing is going to kill both the guards and the main character.  The guards don\’t buy it, and see him as crazy.

The time of the flood passes two minutes later, but there is no flood.  This was strange to the main character.  His research was perfect.  It explained so many things, such as the puddles, the mysterious emptiness of the city when it was found, and other oddities.  He went to check the books that he did the research from, and found that he was off by a few hours.

This time though, instead of contemplating how to escape the flood, a great calm came over him.  He walked over to a bench in the same industrial zone, and took a seat.  He waited a few hours, and the flood came, killing him and everybody else.  Then my alarm went off.

So, how did the societies die?  People survived, yes, but that flood devastated an area the size of New York State.  Those who worked or lived in the top floors did not have the skills necessary to adapt to a world without servants and a destroyed economic system.  The main character could have survived, but was not given the chance due to his rank.

Sad, vivid, and awesome this dream was.