Zoom In (and Out) To A New Webpage

In computing, a zooming user interface or zoomable user unterface (ZUI, pronounced zoo-ee) is a graphical environment where users can change the scale of the viewed area in order to see more detail or less.


Basically, you can zoom in and out of a pane to get more details of a hard to see area, like zooming in on a high-res image, and move from area to area.  A great example of this is Google Maps (Or Yahoo).

Imagine a web where you drag a box over a webpage, and depending on the area you go over, that area zooms in, and more content is shown.  I don’t really have animating skills, so I can’t show you, so I’ll try to describe an example.  Basically, expand the ZUI to hide unwanted content (and not just because there are not enough pixels to show it) Read the rest of this entry »